With heating and cooling expenses making up more than half of your energy bills, it makes sense to improve cooling efficiency. Read on to learn more about cost-effective ways you can maximize cooling efficiency this spring in your Palm City, Florida, home.

Change the Air Filter

It’s so simple, yet changing the air filter is one of the most overlooked ways to maximize cooling efficiency. Change the filter once a month. If you have pets, you should change it more often. As your pets run around your house, they’re shedding pet dander. This dander tends to clog air filters and hinders your AC’s cooling efficiency. Dirty air filters also make it harder to maintain good indoor air quality.

Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances

The hotter your home is, the harder the AC has to work to keep your home cool. This puts added wear and tear on the AC, which can result in costly repairs and replacements. To keep your home cool, avoid using heat-producing appliances as much as possible. When it’s warm outside, hang the laundry on a clothesline to avoid using the dryer. Instead of using the oven to cook, use the outside grill so the kitchen doesn’t get so hot. Save your baking in the oven for after the sun goes down.

Clean and Insulate Ductwork

Another simple way to improve cooling efficiency is to clean and repair the ductwork. Holes and tears in the ductwork minimize cooling efficiency by allowing cool air to escape. The next time you have your ductwork cleaned, ask the service technician to inspect its insulation. You may be able to improve cooling efficiency by upgrading to insulation that is the proper thickness.

Want to learn more about the top ways to maximize cooling efficiency this spring? Contact Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning at (772) 800-6416. You can also schedule your next AC maintenance session and speak with a technician about upgrading to a more energy-efficient air filter.

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