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Smart Controls and Home Automation

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning provides our Treasure Coast neighbors with the best comfort systems available today. We also offer thermostats and controls systems engineered to maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment. These innovative products let you take total control of your comfort, and they save you time, energy and money too. Featuring the latest advancements in technology, our smart control systems add a new level of convenience to indoor comfort.

Programmable Thermostats

During a summer heat wave in Florida, no one likes coming home to a blazing-hot environment. Leaving the AC running while you’re away, however, is an expensive way to resolve the problem. A programmable thermostat lets you schedule different temperatures for different times of the day. By adjusting temperatures while you’re away home or sleeping, you’ll save money on energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Today’s user-friendly models feature digital displays that make it easy to program temperatures to match your personal schedule.

Smart Thermostat Systems

A programmable thermostat with a difference, smart devices use computer algorithms to learn your temperature preferences. Most models come equipped with Wi-Fi for remote connectivity. Using an app or an internet website, you can monitor and change temperature settings from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Some models even remind you when it’s time to change the air filter or schedule maintenance. You also gain access to reports that let you track your energy usage, so you can alter the thermostat settings to save money.

Advanced Control Options

Trane controls equipped with the Nexia Bridge let you take energy management and comfort control to the next level. The built-in device works like a router, connecting you to an extensive array of smart-home devices. With the Nexia home automation system, you gain the ability to lock doors, turn on lights or check security cameras remotely. You can even receive notifications when your children arrive home. There are more than 200 compatible devices available that you can control with this game-changing system.

Smart controls let you fine-tune your comfort and decrease the money you spend on heating and cooling. High-tech solutions for all your comfort needs start with a call to our forward-looking company. Our NATE-certified service technicians are readily available to help you select and install the device that works best for you.

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