Improving the energy efficiency of your HVAC system in your Vero Beach, FL, home is a worthwhile accomplishment. The higher your system’s energy efficiency, the less fuel it requires to keep you comfortable and the more money you save on utilities each month. That’s the most obvious benefit.

However, an energy-efficient system also keeps you more comfortable, runs more smoothly and dependably, creates less wear-and-tear on system components and lasts longer. Here are five things you can do to help ensure your family reap the benefits of improved HVAC energy efficiency year round:

Keep Your System Clean

A dirty HVAC system has to work harder to get the job done, which means higher fuel consumption and higher utility bills. Changing your air filter on a regular basis will help improve airflow throughout the system, making it easier for your forced-air system to deliver the cool air you need in summer and the warm air your family depends on in winter. Keeping your air conditioner or heat pump’s evaporator coil clean and clearing out the condensate drain line periodically with a stiff wire will help improve the efficiency of the system.

Get Regular HVAC Tune-Ups

Keeping your system well-maintained through semi-annual professional system inspections and tune-ups is vital not only to your system’s energy efficiency but also to its ongoing safety. This regular system check will help uncover or prevent potential safety issues that could be developing, such as worn insulation on system wiring, damage to system tubing that could lead to refrigerant leakage, and other hazards that an HVAC specialist is trained to recognize. Routine maintenance each spring and fall is an HVAC service that pays off in energy savings, more consistent indoor comfort, fewer repair bills, longer system life and greater peace of mind. Our convenient preventive maintenance plan adds even more value, offering an affordable way to ensure that your system gets the critical maintenance it needs on a regular basis.

Invest in a Higher-Tech Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can bring you significant savings on heating and cooling your home, increasing system efficiency by letting you preset its functions according to your family’s sleeping schedule, as well as their general home and away schedule. Other modern thermostat innovations such as a learning thermostat or a smart (Wi-Fi-enabled) thermostat increase your system-control options, making it easier than ever to find just the right thermostat for your family’s unique lifestyle and typical indoor comfort needs. Taking advantage of the latest advancements in modern thermostat technology is one of the smartest ways to instantly boost your HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

Consider an HVAC System Upgrade

If your system is more than 10-15 years old and your energy bills are rising while your family’s comfort is suffering, it may be time to consider an HVAC upgrade. As one might expect, today’s HVAC technology is designed to deliver greater-than-ever energy efficiency and all-around-better performance than older models. As your reputable local HVAC contractor, we can help you honestly assess each aspect of your system’s performance to determine whether an upgrade would make sense for you.

Use the Right HVAC Contractor

Making sure your HVAC service provider is fair and honest about pricing is essential to your family’s ongoing comfort and your general peace of mind. That’s why trusting your system to the Fort Pierce, FL contractor who has a reputation for quality makes sense. This smart move will not only keep your equipment functioning optimally, leading to better energy efficiency, but it will help you build an ongoing relationship that prepares you well for your future HVAC needs.

At Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll find a trustworthy ally in improving your system’s efficiency and enhancing your family’s year-round comfort. Learn more about our HVAC services by browsing our website. Then give us a call to schedule your service or discuss your HVAC needs.

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