Having an efficient air conditioner is essential for keeping your Stuart, Florida, home nice and cool. However, not all air conditioners run at the same speed. Read more to learn about single-speed, two-stage and variable speed air conditioners and which one is optimal for your living space.


A single-speed air conditioner runs at one speed, it is either fully on or fully off. The air conditioner turns on when the set temperature in the house is exceeded and turns back off when the desired temperature is reached. The system turns on and off in short frequent cycles and always runs at 100 percent capacity.

While this does cool your house off, you’ll receive a blast of cold air and then the house will get warm again. It will then be followed by another blast of cold air instead of having a constant, even temperature.


A two-stage air conditioner is a bit more efficient than a single-speed one. As the name implies, you have two settings: high and low. Instead of simply running at one high speed, like the single-speed type, you have options for controlling the amount of cold air entering into your home. The high setting blasts cold air inside, while the low setting allows the air to enter at a reduced speed.

Variable Speed

The best option for an AC upgrade is a variable speed air conditioning system. It runs steadily at a lower capacity and blows a constant stream of cool air into your home. It runs throughout the day, instead of cycling on and off, which uses less electricity. Your home stays at a nice even temperature, as the variable speed unit makes minor adjustments to the temperature the whole time it’s running. In addition, the variable speed system helps to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, runs quietly, and saves you money on your energy bills.

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