Some cooling problems are obvious. Others are subtle. If your air conditioner isn’t getting power, you need an AC repair. If the unit struggles to keep up with the heat and humidity in Vero Beach, it might be time to call our HVAC contractors. Now, you can know for sure. Here are five signs that your air conditioner could use a checkup.

1. High Indoor Humidity

Air conditioners defeat that uncomfortable sticky feeling by removing 10 to 20 gallons of moisture daily. If your home feels cold and clammy or if you’re having problems with microbial growth or condensation, your air conditioner might need a comprehensive tune-up.

2. Noisy Air Conditioning

After living in your home for years, you will become familiar with your air conditioner’s normal operating noises. Take note of rattling, screeching or clanking sounds. A major mechanical malfunction could be developing, or you may have a minor problem, such as a wobbly fan blade.

3. Cycling on Frequently

A properly sized air conditioner should run for 20 minutes or more during each cooling cycle. If the unit shuts down before your home reaches the set temperature, have our HVAC contractors inspect the system.

4. Temperature Troubles

You shouldn’t put up with an air conditioner that doesn’t keep your home comfortable. Hot and cold spots are usually caused by air distribution problems. Most issues lead to inadequate cooling. However, oversized air conditioners lower the temperature too quickly, which limits the amount of humidity that is being removed.

5. Mysteriously High Energy Bills

Utility prices rise continuously, but your home’s energy use should be relatively stable. Rising power consumption could indicate that your air conditioner is running less efficiently and would benefit from an AC repair. Compare your utility usage to previous years to see how you’re doing.

If your air conditioner has seen better days, have us perform a tune-up. You can schedule an appointment or learn more about our AC repair services on our website or by calling Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning at (772) 800-6416.

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