AC in The Summer – Stay Cool Without Breaking The Bank

Lower your summer electricity bills and stay comfortable with these air conditioning maintenance and energy saving tips.

When the Florida Summer temperatures reach 90 degrees during the day – and oh that humidity – it’s hard to beat the feeling of air conditioning. With the kids home more and the AC running harder than ever to keep your home cool, electricity bills can spike. Here are a few tips to stay comfortable and not kill your summer finances.

Keep the AC Lower at Night: It is easier to not as concerned about the temperature when you are comfortably sleeping. Adjust the thermostat so the AC is running a little bit less than when you are consciously aware of the temperature. It’s cooler at night anyway since the sun is not heating up the home. Raising the temperature 1 or 2 degrees at night can save you significant dollars on your electric bill and increase the life of your AC unit.

Service Your Unit: AC units running at the top of their game will operate more efficiently. Periodic servicing can ensure your air conditioning is running as it should and without working too hard. Overworked AC units lead to higher electric bills due the increased stress on the unit to maintain a target temperature. Finely tuned units will keep the AC from going on overdrive and will help the unit last longer.

Turn Off Lighting & Electronics: Turning off all of your lights and ancillary electronics before bed time is a great way to reduce electricity usage and keep the home cooler. When you are dead tired from a long day, headed back to the kitchen to turn the light off is the last thing you want to do. However, if you make a conscious effort to turn off the lights you will consume less electricity and it helps to keep the house that much cooler. Every degree counts towards feeling more comfortable at night and keeping those bills down.

Don’t Forget The Fan: Fans use far less energy than an AC unit. Invest in the best possible ceiling fans for your sleeping rooms. This will help circulate the air and help you feel cooler at night.