Heat pumps should operate almost noiselessly, producing little more than an unobtrusive hum. Any other noises, especially if they’re loud and persistent, should prompt homeowners in Fort Pierce, FL, to take action. Here are three abnormal heat pump noises and what they mean:


This is one of the telltale signs of a refrigerant leak. You may hear a hissing sound come from your heat pump as gaseous refrigerant escapes into your home through a hole in your system’s refrigerant lines. You may hear gurgling if air bubbles have made their way into the lines and displaced the lost refrigerant.

In either case, know that a refrigerant leak is extremely dangerous. Never attempt to replace refrigerant on your own. Instead, ask a trained HVAC service technician to do so when they provide maintenance services. Or schedule a heat pump repair to find and fix the refrigerant leak.


Buzzing noises might indicate a few different things, none of them good. Since heat pumps run on electricity, a frayed wire somewhere might release electricity improperly and create that noise. Also, your heat pump’s motor bearings might be dirty, or its compressor might have debris stuck in it, which would cause buzzing sounds.


Banging sounds are another common problem. One possible explanation for them is a loose fan blade that repeatedly strikes some part of your system. Even if no fan blades are loose, ice buildup in the wrong spot might cause the fan to strike that ice repeatedly, creating rhythmic banging. Debris rattling around inside some critical parts might also make that noise.

An HVAC service technician will need to closely examine your system to find the source of this noise. By looking around, they can take appropriate action to set things right.

Don’t ignore the warnings that your ears give you about trouble with your heat pump. Call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today for the best heat pump services in Fort Pierce, FL.

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