Most people give little thought to the ductwork that distributes conditioned air throughout their Fort Pierce, FL, home. However, if you’re building a home and opting for a central HVAC system, you’ll need a professional to install your ducts. You might also need a ductwork installation if you’re remodeling, adding a home addition or upgrading your HVAC system. Read on to learn more about the sheet metal fabrication process.

Why Choose Ductwork Made With Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Ducts made of fabricated sheet metal are durable and flexible. They resist water damage and have excellent airflow properties. Sheet metal stock is available in materials ranging from aluminum and brass to copper and stainless steel. You can customize it to meet the needs of almost any ductwork project. Most HVAC contractors can provide ductwork. But only a few produce customized ducts onsite using an in-house fabrication process.

How Do You Create Ductwork Made of Sheet Metal?

Fabricating sheet metal involves cutting and forming. Forming uses applied force to bend and stretch the material into the desired shapes. Cutting uses applied force that causes the material to separate so that you can cut or remove parts. A machine is used to precisely cut and form the material. It can then be made into geometric shapes, bent repeatedly to create angles or stretched into complex contours.

The quality, construction and fit of your home’s ductwork can greatly affect indoor comfort. An experienced HVAC contractor can create custom ducts with a tight fit and a long life. Customized ducts resist leaks, and that helps to keep utility bills low.

Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning is a full-service residential and commercial HVAC contractor. Our skilled and certified sheet metal installation service technicians can create a full range of customized ductwork solutions in our onsite sheet metal fabrication shop. Call us to learn more.

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