If you’re looking for an effective method for heating and cooling your Vero Beach, Florida, home, there’s no better choice than installing a Trane heat pump. Heat pumps from Trane offer the ideal combination of performance and efficiency, and there are several excellent models you can choose for your home.

Save Money With the XV20i Heat Pump

For homeowners whose primary goal with a heat pump is to lower energy bills, the XV20i variable speed pump is a great choice. It offers a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 20 and is advertised as one of the industry’s most efficient systems, which means your bills will be lower. This model’s TruComfort technology also ensures your system runs at just the right speed to avoid temperature swings.

Keep It Quiet With the XV18

You want your heat pump to heat and cool your home without making a lot of noise. With the Trane XV18 variable speed pump, you’ll have an efficient, whisper-quiet home comfort system.

This XV18 heat pump offers an 18 SEER, meaning it’s almost as efficient as the top-of-the-line XV20i. This model also features ComfortLink II technology that facilitates communication between the different components of your system for optimal performance and efficiency. Finally, with sound levels that are 4 decibels below competitors’ minimums, the XV18 offers the quiet operation you want and need.

Great Value With the XR15

Keeping the upfront costs of your heat pump low is easy when you invest in the Trane XR15. It’s the most affordable heat pump model Trane offers, and it also provides big savings on your energy bill, thanks to a 16 SEER. Plus, this model is compatible with the Trane CleanEffects home air cleaner, meaning you can use it to boost your home’s air quality.

If you’re ready to install a Trane heat pump in your home, call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning at (772) 800-6416. We’ll discuss different heat pumps and install the model that’s right for you.

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