A good number of Fort Pierce, FL, homeowners use heat pumps for heating and cooling. One possible issue you might encounter with your HVAC system is when it blows cold air despite being set to heating mode. Read on to learn more about why your heat pump is blowing cold air when heat is needed.

1. Problem With Reversing Valve

This is the most common reason that may cause your heat pump to get stuck in cooling mode. Reversing valves alter the refrigerant direction through the lines within the HVAC system. This helps defrost the compressor.

With the help of a reputable HVAC expert like Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning, fixing a broken reversing valve will be an easy task. Our technicians will change the old valve and replace it with a new one.

2. Faulty Thermostat

Another possible problem that may cause your heat pump to get stuck in cooling mode is as a result of a faulty thermostat. The wiring could be the major issue of disconnecting power from the thermostat to the HVAC system. Carrying out regular HVAC controls and thermostat maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your heat pump operates efficiently.

3. It’s in Defrost Mode

The heat pump will likely activate into defrost mode if ice accumulates at the HVAC system’s outdoor coils, which are vulnerable to frosting when the refrigerant is low. The HVAC system goes into defrost mode to remove ice buildup on the compressor coils.

Once you have noticed the problem causing your heat pump to blow cold air in heating mode, it’s time to call a licensed and professional technician. For all your air conditioning services or heating issues in Fort Pierce, FL, call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today. We will be glad to offer you a lasting solution.

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