Do you use a heat pump to keep your home in Jensen Beach, FL, comfortable? Learning the best way to use this HVAC system is a good way to save on your energy bills and make the pump last longer. Here are five solid tips for how to run your heat pump efficiently so you can maximize indoor comfort and minimize energy expenses:

Choose Small Temperature Increases

Extreme thermostat adjustments strain your HVAC system, increasing the riks of breakdowns and raising your energy expenses. When adjusting the temperature in your home, do so in small increments. Ideally, you should keep the thermostat setting between 72 and 78 degrees, depending on if you’re home or away.

Pick an Automatic Setting

Using an automatic setting helps you save on your energy bills. Pick the exact temperature you want, and let the heat pump work as needed to reach this level. Many of the newer smart thermostats are compatible with heat pumps. Smart thermostats offer remote accessibility and can adjust your home’s temperature automatically after learning your routines.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

A maintenance plan can extend the life of your heat pump and reduce its need for repairs. The plan will include cleaning and checking the coils. Condensation builds up on the coils and can keep the heat pump from kicking on as needed.

Change the Filter Frequently

You can hire someone to change your filter or add it to your maintenance plan. Dust, dirt and pet hair can all build up on the filter and form clogs. Clogs and debris buildup make the heat pump work harder than it should.

Ensure There’s Adequate Airflow

Airflow refers to the air that comes out of your vents when your HVAC system is running. Make sure the airflow reaches as far into your home as possible and there aren’t any obstructions that get in the way. Obstructions can include heavy pieces of furniture and decor.

All of these tips help your heat pump run efficiently and bring down your average energy bill. Reach out to our team at Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning when you want to set up a maintenance plan or need any heat pump services in Jensen Beach, FL.

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