You want your Palm City, FL, business to be as comfortable as possible for your employees and customers. A cool and inviting workplace takes a well-running, efficient HVAC system doing its job correctly, but how do you know your system is performing optimally? Here are some signs you should consider installing a new commercial HVAC system.

Utility Bills Are Higher

Compare your utility bills to last year’s. If they are noticeably higher, it could be time for a replacement for your inefficient HVAC system. A modern system lowers your monthly bills because it has a higher Energy Star score.

Exhaust Issues

Have an HVAC technician inspect your system’s exhaust. An old and failing system or leaky ductwork are common culprits in this situation. A new HVAC system ensures that all air vents to the outdoors.

Visible Issues

The HVAC system will send you signs when important issues arise. Keep an eye out for the following issues to prevent an HVAC disaster:

  • Moisture: There is excessive moisture on windows and walls.
  • Rust: Pipes or the AC unit itself are starting to rust.
  • Leaks: Fluids will start to pool around the AC unit.
  • Strange Noises: Clanging, rattling and banging noises are apparent and clear signs you need to have the system looked at.


The age of an HVAC system greatly impacts its capabilities. Check the lifespan indicated in the HVAC system’s warranty. If it’s getting close, contact us for a replacement to get ahead of the problem.

HVAC issues happen all the time, and you need to be ready for them or your place of business could be unbearable, driving down sales and hurting your bottom line. Contact the HVAC pros at Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about how our commercial HVAC installation services will help your business.

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