You may have heard that people are adding ductless air conditioners to their Stuart, Florida, home, and are curious to know why they are so popular. Ductless air conditioners, also known as mini-splits, are a modern way of cooling your home that offers many benefits. Let’s explore several reasons why ductless AC may be the perfect solution to your air conditioning needs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Traditional HVAC systems use ducts to bring cool air into your home. Often, the ductwork can become filled with dirt, dust, and pet dander. Once the system is turned on, that dirt gets blown into your air filters. If your ducts and air filters are dirty, they can have a negative impact on your family’s health. Since ductless AC systems don’t require ducts for installation, the air coming into your home is cleaner and healthier for your family.

Flexible and Versatile Cooling

Ductless mini-splits are perfect for cooling individual rooms as opposed to trying to cool the entire house. Mini-splits can be added to individual rooms to be controlled with its own thermostat or can be zoned to control several rooms. Ductless systems are perfect for rooms that may run hotter than the rest of the house, such as a sunroom. In addition, installing a ductless mini-split in a new room addition is a great way to bring air conditioning to the new add-on without re-configuring your existing ductwork.

Saves Money

If you have a traditional HVAC system, a portion of your energy bill comes from the loss of cooling air caused by leaky ductwork. With no ductwork to worry about, you should see a reduction in your energy bills. You can save money on fewer doctor visits due to improved indoor air quality, and you can save money by only cooling the rooms that need to be cooled.

To learn more about ductless mini-splits and to see how they can benefit you, call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today at (772) 800-6416.

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