Your business’s HVAC system keeps your team and customers comfortable. Preventive maintenance helps avoid many unexpected malfunctions, but a problem may occur once in a while. Consider these three signs that you need prompt commercial HVAC repairs.

Rapidly Increasing Utility Bills

According to Business Wire, 45 percent of a typical business’s utility bills are for heating and cooling. When your business’s utility bills increase for no obvious reason, your commercial heating and cooling system could be to blame. If there hasn’t been a big change in the weather, change in your thermostat settings or an increase in the use of equipment in your commercial space, the next possible cause is your HVAC equipment.

Complaints About Discomfort

Your employees may report uncomfortable working conditions, such as areas that are too humid, hot or cold. They may even report that an area is too hot one day and too cold the next day. Guests or customers may also make remarks to your team that the building is too hot or too cold in certain areas. If you never previously got these types of complaints from employees or visitors, your heating or cooling system could be the cause. According to the Department of Energy, inconsistent indoor temperatures are a sign that you’ll need HVAC repairs soon.

Unusual Odors or Sounds

Properly functioning heating and cooling systems operate quietly. You may hear a humming or whirring of the fan, which is normal. Loud grinding, banging or hissing sounds are not normal. If you hear loud noises from the HVAC equipment, you need commercial heating and cooling services. The heated or cooled air shouldn’t have any odors. If your building develops a musty, moldy or stale smell, the system could have a clogged drain, dirty air filter or other problem.

For more information about the signs that you need commercial HVAC repairs, check out our commercial heating and cooling services, or call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today for additional details.

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