The climate in Fort Pierce, FL, can be hot and humid during the summer months. The last thing you need is a noisy air conditioner, especially when it’s on for most of the day. Read on to learn more about the issues involved with your loud air conditioning unit. You will be able to determine if it’s time to call in an HVAC expert to take a look.

Some Air Conditioning Sounds You May Hear

Hearing a weird sound during heating or cooling operation is more than just an annoyance. You could hear an array of noises that represent different issues with your central air conditioning unit. Some alarming sounds may include:

  • Buzzing
  • Humming
  • Clicking
  • Squealing or screeching
  • Rattling, clanging or banging

Your air conditioner could have a number of issues reflected by the sound it is making. In fact, a strange sound may be the first sign that your air conditioner is ready to break down. It could be time to have a service technician diagnose and repair the problem.

Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Having Problems

For example, loud buzzing or humming may reflect a loose part. Piping with refrigerant could be vibrating, your motor might be creating the humming noise, or a bent coil could be causing the hum.

Buzzing from an outdoor unit might indicate loose parts, loose fan blades or issues with the fan motor. It may also mean that the air filter needs to be changed. Electrical issues could also cause buzzing. If this is the case, you should call a service technician for an air conditioning repair.

Clicking Sounds Coming from Your Air Conditioner That Are Not Normal

It is normal to hear clicking noises when you turn your air conditioner on or off . However, if the sound is getting faster or it’s constant, you may have an issue. An outdoor unit could have some kind of obstruction to the fan, and you may need help with removing it.

Squealing, Screeching, Rattling and Banging

Squealing means that something needs to be fixed; there is no sense in enduring this noise to stay cool. A misaligned or worn-down fan belt can often be the cause of this noise. If you continue to use your air conditioner after hearing the squealing noise, it could break.

Turn the unit off immediately and call service if you hear screeching, such as the sound of metal against metal. If this unpleasant sound emerges, you will want a repair done immediately during the hot months.

Rattling, banging or clanging may signal obstruction in the outdoor cage. This might be easy to solve yourself. You can remove clogged twigs or tighten loose screws with a screwdriver.

It May Be Time for Air Conditioning Repairs or Replacement

You want your central air conditioning system to be running smoothly without weird noises during the hottest days of the Fort Pierce summer. If the noise issue is not something that you can fix yourself, then it is time to call in a NATE-certified technician to look at it and diagnose the problem. If your utility bills are increasing, it may mean that your air conditioner needs repair or service, even if it is not making weird noises.

Is it time for a newer and more efficient air conditioner? Newer air conditioners can prevent the annoyance of noise and the need for costly repairs. At Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning, we sell energy-efficient models that can save you money on your monthly cooling costs.

To help determine the cause of the loud noise and whether it’s time for a new air conditioning unit, get in touch with Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help you diagnose the problem and find the best solution for your Fort Pierce, FL, home. You and your family’s comfort might depend on professional HVAC assistance.

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