Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life. As such, you want to make sure you make the most money out of it when you want to sell. If you want to increase the value of your home in Fort Pierce, FL, investing in HVAC upgrades is a great place to start. Here are six HVAC upgrades to consider:

Procure a Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat market in the United States had a value of $1.09 billion in 2021, and experts expect the market to grow each year until it reaches 3.86 billion in 2029. With the ever-growing trend toward energy efficiency, smart thermostats are an easy way to entice potential buyers.

Like programmable thermostats, smart thermostats allow you to set schedules for your HVAC system, telling it when to heat and cool your home. However, smart thermostats allow you to control your system remotely, such as in the case that you forget to change the temperature before going on vacation or to work. Some devices even have learning capabilities, which lets them determine your temperature preferences and adjust the schedule accordingly for the best balance of energy efficiency and comfort.

Upgrade Your Windows

If your home still has single-paned windows, consider upgrading them. Double-paned windows will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system because they eliminate drafts, and they will allow buyers to feel confident that they will save tremendous amounts of money on energy over time. You can expect to save between 30 to 50% on your energy bills when you install double-paned windows.

Add HVAC Zoning

HVAC zoning lets you control the temperature of areas within your home individually, meaning that you can direct heating or cooling to the zones you use at specific times of day instead of heating or cooling your whole home at once. There are several ways to zone your HVAC system, from installing ductless mini-splits to modifying your ductwork with damper systems. Regardless of the method, HVAC zoning can attract buyers who want to potentially lower their energy bills.

Upgrade Your Home Insulation

If it has been a while since you made improvements to the insulation in your home, it’s probably time for an insulation upgrade. Insulation upgrades will enable you to enjoy considerable energy savings over many years. The U.S. Department of Energy states that 50% to 70% of the energy used in American homes is for heating and cooling purposes, and inadequate insulation can result in HVAC systems wasting much of it.

Upgrade Your Ductwork

The ductwork in your home is responsible for enabling air to travel throughout various rooms in your home. If your ductwork is older than 15 years, consider having it upgraded to improve air quality and energy savings. Ductwork generally lasts up to 15 years before major issues occur, such as gaps forming and parts of the ducts collapsing.

If your ductwork is relatively new, consider having it cleaned and sealed. Cleaning your ductwork improves air quality, and sealing it increases the efficiency of your HVAC system by up to 20%. According to ENERGY STAR, sealing your ductwork also improves safety because backdrafting of combustible gases from gas-powered appliances is less likely to occur, with the ductwork redirecting these gases outdoors instead of into your living space.

Weatherproof Your Doors

Weatherproofing your doors will significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system because heating and air conditioning are less likely to escape. Add weatherproof stripping around your doors and consider replacing old doors with those that are energy efficient. Doors constructed from steel, fiberglass and vinyl are more efficient than doors made of wood and glass.

Investing in one or more of these six HVAC upgrades will increase the value of your home and make it more enticing to buyers. If you’re a resident of Fort Pierce, FL, or any of the surrounding areas, contact our experts at Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repairs and HVAC upgrades.

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