Installing a new heating system is a large project for any homeowner. As the process can take a few hours or longer, you should know how to prepare your home. Check out the steps below to help installers get the heating installation done faster with minimal disruptions in your Jensen Beach, FL, home.

Give Them Space

While those in your household know how to navigate through your home, the heating installation team does not. Heavy furniture and other obstacles can get in their way, making the job take longer and creating possible accidents.

Try to give them a clear path from the front door or any other entrance they use to the places where they will work. You may want to remove any expensive or fragile items you worry might break.

Remove Your Pets

While heating installers have experience around dogs or cats and may have some of their own, that doesn’t mean your pet will react well. This type of project can become noisy and produce dust in surrounding areas. Pets are curious creatures that may want to check out the work and get in the way.

The best solution depends on how your furry friend normally reacts around strangers and loud noises. Some viable options may be to keep your pet in another bedroom, in the backyard or a pet daycare. Your pet should already be in their new temporary location when the heating installation team arrives.

Make Room for Parking

If you have a driveway, move all household vehicles to the street to give the crew room. For a home without a driveway, ensure the team has a parking spot out front with a clear path to the door. Not only do they need a lot of space for their tools and equipment, but they also need room to carry in the new heating system.

Take Care of Your Kids

Even if you try to keep an eye on them, they can distract the team as they run around, play or watch television at a loud volume. If your kids aren’t in school, make arrangements for them to stay with a family member or friend for the day. Provide them with plenty of distractions, such as games and activities if they need to be home.

Get Your Password Ready

Many of the new heating systems on the market have smart features that connect to your home’s WiFi system. Write your password on a piece of paper and give it to the head of the crew when requested. Trying to remember or look up the password when they’re ready to connect the heater will make the job take longer.

Have an Emergency Plan

An emergency plan helps you prepare for the unexpected and get ready when things don’t go your way. You may want to set aside extra money in case the team comes across a part they need to repair or replace that wasn’t in the estimate. Also, think about what you’ll do if you plan on working at home and the internet goes out or you need to pick your child up from school early.

Stay at Home

Though you may want to run a few errands or need to be at work that day, plan on staying at home as long as possible during the heating installation. You never know when the crew might encounter a problem they need to tell you about or when they have questions that only you can answer. Talk with the installer beforehand to see how long you need to be at home and if you can leave while they work.

Prepping your home for a heating installation saves you time and ensures it’s ready when the company arrives. Reach out to Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a heating installation or maintenance for your home.

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