New air conditioners provide an impressive number of advantages and benefits to residents of Vero Beach, FL. These AC systems, which we’ll examine in some detail below, run the gamut across many different areas, including health, comfort and efficiency.

Health Benefits

The increased comfort that brand-new central air conditioners provide can sometimes overshadow the health benefits that they offer. However, since these health benefits are so important, it’s impossible not to discuss them. It’s fair to say that the key to everything in a central AC system is proper airflow; from this, virtually everything else follows.

Air conditioners have their own built-in air filters. When air flows properly through the system’s ventilation ducts and the fans do their work, air will pass through these filters and shed many of its pollutants as it cools. Some important respiratory health benefits follow from this filtration.

If you have asthma symptoms, these will decrease following continuous and effective air filtration, and the same is true for allergy symptoms. Secondly, because general indoor air quality will improve as a result of filtration, you will sleep more soundly, feel more energized and be less likely to develop any one of a diverse host of diseases, from the common cold to COPD.

New air conditioners come with new and better air filters. If you wish to improve air filtration even further, you can even replace your filters with higher-MERV-rated ones.

Comfort Benefits

A more comfortable environment, especially in the midst of searing hot weather, is the primary reason that makes people seek out air conditioners, and the loss of this is the primary source of distress when AC systems break down.

AC systems not only keep you comfortable by keeping indoor temperatures cool and preventing conditions like heat stroke, but they also have the ability to decrease humidity levels in your home. Lower humidity will mean less of the uncomfortable muggy feeling that it generates. This will also make your home less hospitable to mosquitos and other insects as these creatures typically desire a warm and humid climate.

Efficiency Benefits

As AC systems age, their efficiency and overall performance will inevitably decline. This has consequences for the two areas already discussed, insofar as an old AC system won’t be able to cool the home as effectively as a newer one and will probably have poorer filters. However, efficiency also has its own issues unique to it.

The most obvious advantage of a newer and more energy-efficient AC system is that it will save you money over an older and less efficient one. The more efficient your AC system is, the less energy it’ll waste. This will ultimately translate into lower cooling bills.

Newer air conditioners aren’t just more efficient because they haven’t endured the burdens of age. As HVAC technology develops, newer AC systems are bound to be more efficient than older models, even when controlling for the effects of age.

Furthermore, a new air conditioner will be less likely to break down in any way in the near future, which will save you money on AC repairs. After a while, an air conditioner may become so old that the cost of repeatedly repairing it begins to rise above the cost of replacing it with a new model. Generally speaking, after you’ve had the same AC system for 15 to 20 years, you should think seriously about replacing it.

The advantages of a new air conditioning system cascade into all kinds of different areas. Beyond a certain point, it just doesn’t make sense to let a worn-out air conditioner hold you back. To help you save money and live healthier and more comfortably in your Vero Beach, FL, home, call Grimes Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule our AC installation services.

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