Energy Saving Rebates & Tax Incentives – Where Do I Find Them?

Contact your local AC dealer, electric company, city government and the AC manufacturer to get the latest on AC rebates, special financing, tax credits and other incentives.

Many companies advertise how to get thousands of dollars of incentives and savings on energy efficient improvements you make to your home. Unfortunately, the details of these programs can be difficult to understand or even locate. Before passing up the opportunity to upgrade at a lower cost or simply throwing in towel, research and contact the following organizations to make sense of the rebate and energy saving tax credit madness.

Your Electricity Company: Your primary utility company has many incentives in place to help you save money on your electricity bills. Many will offer complimentary energy efficiency audits of your home and guide you in the right direction towards their available rebates. A quick call or email to your electricity company will yield many answers on what rebates and programs are available

Your Air Conditioning Manufacturer: AC manufacturers love selling you new AC units. Understanding this is a significant purchase, they want to make it super easy for you to overcome the cost of an installation. Check the manufacturer of your existing unit and visit their web site. Rebates, special financing and savings on installation are commonly available.
Private & Government Organizations: With such intense focus on energy savings and efficient improvements, many local organizations have emerged to serve this demand. In some cases, they may even have special rebates or grants available to upgrade to more energy efficient appliances and practices. Your local city government may also have special programs, tax incentives and awards available to residents that make such improvements during the year.

Your AC Service Team: Find an AC service team or dealer you trust and ask them what the scoop is on rebates and tax credits. A good dealer will be up to speed on all of the latest legislation incentives, manufacturer rebates and tax credits available – and how to get them. In many cases, if you engage a dealer for a new AC purchase or service contract, they will handle the dirty work of getting your rebate filed and processed on your behalf.